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How to Request the Title

To be eligible for the issuance of a university degree and diploma supplement, you must have fulfilled all the requirements set forth in the curriculum of the Master's Degree. Paragraph 7 of the Academic Regulations for Master's Degrees establishes the procedure.

Steps to Follow

You have to go to Academic Management at the EEBE to request the application. You must provide the original and a photocopy of valid ID card (DNI) or passport.

Academic Management will check that you meet all the requirements and will issue the application for the title and corresponding academic fee (fixed annually by the price decree of the Government of Catalonia) that can be paid at any branch of the Catalunya Caixa bank.

Personal information appears on the title as it is put on the application. It is important to review the application before proceeding with the process and verify that all information (including spelling and any symbols) are correct.

Once the fee is paid, you must deliver the signed application along with a photocopy of valid ID card (DNI) or passport to Academic Management.

Academic Management staff will then issue you the proof of payment to receive the diploma, which accredits your status entitled to all effects while you do not have the definitive title.


Reception and Collection of the Title

Once you get the title printed at Academic Management, we will inform you by mail to the address given in the application. 

You have to collect the title personally; at the time of collection you will have to submit an official document that identifies you (ID card or passport), deliver the receipt of the title (which ceases to have effect once it is the definitive title) and sign the guest book registration to certify that you have collected the title. 

In accordance with state regulations, with respect to qualifications, the applicant may only authorise another person to collect his/her title via a power of attorney; in this case the authorised person must submit a photocopy of power of attorney and a photocopy of the identity document of the applicant. The authorised person must sign the registration book that he/she has collected the title. In order for the title to be valid, it must be signed by the applicant to verify the accuracy of the information contained therein.