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The Master's in Energy Engineering is an official Master's degree of the UPC, with a duration, according to the curriculum, of 2 academic years (120 ECTS).

This International Master's degree responds to current energy problems from different perspectives: resources, production technologies, transport and energy distribution, environmental impact, efficiency, savings and rational use of energy. Graduates of the Master's will become professional experts with the knowledge and skills necessary to analyse case studies and manage projects of generation, transformation, distribution or consumption of different energy sources. 

This Master's replaces the former Master's in Energy Engineering (Plan 2007) which was launched in 2007-2008 and is gradually being removed.


There are 4 specialities: Renewable Energies; Electrical Energy; Thermal Energy; Energy Management.

The Master's is included in the educational project KIC InnoEnergy / Energy Campus, through its participation in the following Master's degrees: Smart Cities (KIC); Smart Grids (KIC); Renewable Energy (KIC).

EDPR 2017For creative and innovative projects in the field of renewable energy. Teams of 2-5 university students. You can submit your project until March 15, 2017.

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Selected by the Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation for it's scholarships programme 2016-2017 for Masters of Excellence: 1 scholarship of 10.000€

Academic course 2016-2017 will be taught and managed by ETSEIB